A lot of the below notes are now very old. A great many are from 2010 and previously. For the most part my OpenBSD use goes without needing or using any websites other than the official documents, so rarely do I find anymore something where I feel the need to publish my own information about it.

Most of these things originally lived on my personal systems in ~/notes/ where I keep things for my own quick-reference, but ultimately since they had nothing harmful in them were made public.

back Back up one directory
OpenBSD Updating Notes from 2009 about updating. Long-outdated now.
Keeping OpenBSD Up-To-Date More modern notes updating.
Toshiba_Portege4010.txt Very old/very few notes about OpenBSD on my old Toshiba Portege 4010
Undefined color "black".txt one-liner about fixing this old X error
ascii_bigpuffy.txt A big ascii Puffy
ascii_puffy.txt An ascii Puffy
clay_puffy.png My old clay Puffy. Unfortunately broken during our family move in 2017
dump-restore.html Very basic notes about using dump and restore to create and recover backups
encryption.txt Old notes (~2008) about using vnode disk encryption on OpenBSD
openbsd-grub.txt Booting OpenBSD with grub (old)
openbsd-lilo.txt Booting OpenBSD with lilo (old)
openbsd-newroot.txt Setting a new root passwd on OpenBSD via single-user mode
taming_openbsd_console.txt A few settings from how I used to keep my console configured
wordpress-newuser.txt ~2009 notes on adding a new user to WordPress on OpenBSD
wordpress-reset-pass.txt ~2009 notes on manually resetting user password for WordPress on OpenBSD