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fun/ Fun Facts and other junk
linux/ Historical notes and other things for my Linux usage
netbsd/ Historical notes and other things for my NetBSD usage
openbsd/ Historical notes and other things for my OpenBSD usage
archaeologist.html System Archaeology
acronyms.html Acronyms relative to the computing world: originally an article for support and non-technical staff at a tech-company I worked for - now kept around just for usefulness.
bashjobcontrol.html The bare basics of using job control within bash.
debug_dns.html Very basic notes about querying for nameservers and IP addresses
dc.html Basic Operations with dc
git.html My git documentation/notes. Originally created for training a team of developers on the basics of git; Now, often used just to back-reference features I haven't used in a while myself
githooks.html A simplistic view of testing git hooks on your own workstation
hammer.html The golden-hammer, or - DNS solves all your problems.
keepalived.html Basic notes on using keepalived to steal 1 IP between two Linux machines.
mediawiki-vs-confluence.html Some brief regions of why I greatly prefer MediaWiki versus Confluence for internal article referencing
nc-email.html Basic testing of e-mail via netcat/nc
networkmath.html File with table of subnetting and binary-number equivalents. I often refer to this when setting up networks/subnets
osx_dual-keyboard.html Basic notes on my dual-PC keyboard setup on OSX.
rcs.html My rcs documentation/notes.
sudo.html Some fun quirks with sudo that administrators should be aware of.
sudoreplay.html Using sudoreplay as a personal keylogger
sudoreplay-revisited.html Using sudoreplay as a personal keylogger on MacOS. An update/re-visit to the above notes.
shc.html The shortest documentation of using shc to 'compile' shell-scripts ever.
solution_ids.html What is a Solution ID? Why should it be required by all companies?
tm.html My tmux & screen cheat-sheet. This was done back in 2009 when tmux was newer - and hasn't really been updated since. It's still a popular hit on search engines though so I've tried to keep it online.
ucarp.html Basic notes on using ucarp to steal 1 IP between two Linux machines.
vimb.html My notes about vimb browser
whatisit.html Why do I consider myself a System Archaeologist?
whynotlinux.txt Old paragraph I wrote about why to not use Linux