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dayid's vimb notes

vimb is a Vim like Browser.


Since I often use a low-powered/small netbook in the evenings to do simple (99% text-based) computer things (code, irc, e-mail, bbs, etc) I wanted something nice and low-resource as a browser. While I have Firefox on the machine, it is slow due to this machine's minimal resources. I mostly use links or ftp(1) when someone provides any link (usually just paste bins of debug outputs).

For direct images, ftp to fetch it to a temporary location and feh to view it is enough. Yet still I wanted more. I have years of using dillo as a lightweight-but- graphical browser but was looking around for something more keyboard driven. A recommendation from IRC was vimb.

Why vimb?

vimb is a lightweight browser that uses vim-like keybindings. I use vim daily for programming and editing, as well as my CLI-mode for interacting with both bash and ksh. Supposedly using vimb will be very familiar for people who have used the Vimperator plugin; alas, I have not.


The manpage for vimb is more than sufficient for a user to become familiar with the browser. The main thing I had to identify to grasp/understand was what vimb calls "hints", and are the most useful for browsing keyboard-driven.